All my life I was fascinated by visual art. As long as I can remember I was drawing something. I got into photography only after I finished my architecture studies even my father was a photographer for more than 30 years. I am a bit of perfectionist with everything new I encounter so I got very enthusiastic and found all available courses and for about two years I was living and breathing with photography. During 2011-2012 I watched all live photography classes on creativelive.com and was learning about lighting and other technical aspects of this craft from professionals like Joe Buissink, Cliff Mautner, Marcus Bell, Pye Jirsa, Roberto Valenzuela, Zack Arias and others. It’s been about six years since then but one of Zack’s quotes is still my favorite: “look for the signal in your life, not the noise”. Meaning there are more important things in life than your gear, it’s the art of light, the purpose of photograph.

I have some technical knowledge as well as artistic side and by studying some psychology on my own time now I think I know how to combine feeling, knowledge and social communication to achieve the best result in capturing meaningful moments. I always strive for perfection, even I know  It’s impossible to reach it I will never stop trying. Learning something new in life and staying creative are the things that drive me through and keep unique every time I pick up my camera. At least I’d like to think so.

“look for the signal in your life, not the noise”

Osvaldas Brazas

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